The CyWineFest has a strong tradition of bringing the best acts from Cyprus and Greece to perform for the community and guests of the CyWineFest since it was established in 1982.

In the last few years alone, headline acts have included Despina Vandi, Anna Vissi and George Dalaras, and 2017’s headliner, Yiannis Ploutarchos is definitely the same calibre!!

CyWineFest has also given the centre stage for many up and coming talented acts within our local community who have over the years proven themselves as capable singers, songwriters and performers.

With great performances guaranteed, plenty of wine tasting, and the best of Cypriot cuisine on offer, what more could you want?

“This is a fantastic community event to be proud of. a lot of time and effort is put into organising it and we should all show our support to keep it going.”

Chriso Ioannou

“I love my culture 🙂 one thing you can say about the Greeks is they are very family orientated even with strangers, they make you feel welcome straight away. Love how we come together like a big family”

Chico Wayne Johnson

“Really fun with lots of amazing products.”

Elina Zacharopoulou


The Wines @CyWineFest

CyWineFest opens its doors to the public showcasing the best in Cypriot produce, the most imperative of all was the wide ranging selection of Cypriot Wine from over 15 of the island’s wineries.

There is plenty of opportunity to explore the wines of Cyprus, with an unlimited chance to sample for FREE, some of the islands award winning wines.

CyWineFest has such a vast array of experiences that at times it makes it difficult to appreciate just how much wine is offer, your love affair with the many indigenous varieties may just blossom.

Those who came for the wine got to taste many varieties from many different Cypriot wineries. From LOELWines, wines from KEO, Kamanterena WineryTsalapatis WinesVouni Panayia WineryKolios WineryEzousa wineryShoufas WineryAmpelonas Eleonaras or Eleonoras Winery – Kalamos Winery – Tsangarides WinerySterna WineryFikardos WineryChrisoroyia Winery, Vasilikon Winery all provided a sample of their produce and more and more wineries are providing CyWineFest with an outstanding selection of wine! And there will be plenty to more to taste at next year’s CyWineFest, with the reputation of Cypriot wine growing and achieving accreditation from International Wine bodies and being recognised as some of the oldest varieties of wine in the world, it would be a shame for our very own community not to get a taste of the action!

Visitors left with a greater understanding of the varieties of Cypriot wine available, sadly other than shipping cases over, it is very difficult to get your lips on the smaller boutique wineries produce. Therefore, events like ours are so important to get a taste wines that one wouldn’t even know existed unless of course one explores the many different routes of Cypriot wine country.

The Cypriot Wine Tasting tables are always packed with visitors who want to get a FREE taster of all the varieties on offer. We invite you to join our community and tantalise your taste buds…..Enjoy!

From LOELWines there was Euampelos Gi- Maratheftiko and Xynesteri varieties as well as that Anciently named Commandaria Alasia.  Alasia or Alashiya was one of the most ancient names given to the island of Cyprus.

Makkas Winery are no stranger to CyWineFest, sadly they could not make the event this year but next year just as the previous two years, you will get the opportunity to speak directly to Director Andreas N. Psaras and have a firsthand tasting tour of the selection of Makkas’s produce. 

KEO The infamous dry red Othello with a rich berry aroma, St. Ambelion a medium bodied red with a rich mix of fruity and oaky flavours. White wines included the crisp dry Aphrodite Xynesteri from the wine regions of both Lemesos and Paphos. As well as Thisbe is a medium fruity wine with hints of apple and grapefruit made from the indigenous Soultanina variety.

From SODAP there was Kamanterena dry red 2013 vintage and the white Xynisteri 2017 vintage, Arsinoe a dry white wine, Afames dry red from grapes from the south slopes of mount Troodos as well as the famous St. Barnabas Koumantaria, with a distinguishable golden brown colouring expelling chocolate and coffee aromas with remnants of fresh mint, a truly unique impression from the oldest produced wine in the world! 

Tsalapatis Wines located on the outskirts of Polemi village in on the mountainous region of Paphos have been producing wine for over 20 years and their experience is reflected in their produce. The very tasteful Rigena Xynesteri white dry and the Rigas Leykada- Cabernet Sauvignon dry red variety were splendid.

Vouni Panayia Winery produce an outstanding variety, really flying the flag for Cypriot wine, visitors got to sample their award winning dry white Alina and dry red Plakota is an absolute delight, such a smooth red wine especially for a dry variety.

Kolios Winery located in the Statos-Ayios Fotios village in the Paphos region provided Saint Fotios dry red Maratheftiko and the medium dry Status 99 red medium dry, a mix of Maratheftiko and another indegenious grape, Mavro. They also provided the Persefoni white medium dry Xynesteri as well as the dry rose Cornetto variety made from the Maratheftiko variety.

Ezousa winery provided the 2008 Ayios Chrisostomos white dry and the 2016 Xynesteri 2016. 

Shoufas Winery their delicious ruby coloured red wine, a blended mix of the indegenious Maratheftiko and Lefkada varieties with Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. With hints of berries and a certain spiciness, it would be a treat with some gamey meat!

Ampelonas Eleonaras or Eleonoras Winery provided two white dry varieties of 2016 vintage their dry red of 2014 and their medium sweet red 2013, St. Lucas.

Kalamos Winery brought along their medium dry fruitful and aromatic Livades Xynisteri and their dry red Ayia Sotira made from carefully selected Mataro grapes producing a full-bodied wine with a bold red appearance.   

Tsangarides Winery provided their Xynisteri dry has a delicately spiced and citrusy tone, they also provided their red Agios Efrem a special blend of Mataro. Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz ready to be partnered up with a rich meaty pasta dish.

Sterna Winery supplied their Koralli white dry and Koralli rose and Koralli red dry varieties, truly lovely wines from some of the most ancient wine making regions in Cyprus. 

Fikardos Winery, showed off one red, one white and one rose. The Amalthia 2016 white dry, the Maratheftiko 2014 and the Valentina 2016 medium sweet rose.

Chrisoroyia Winery gave visitors the opportunity to try their Agios Elias dry red 2015 and their Agios Andronikos 2016, white dry.

Vasilikon Winery brought their self-named white dry 2016 vintage as well as their Agios Onoufrios 2015, red dry.