The CyWineFest has a strong tradition of bringing the best acts from Cyprus and Greece to perform for the community and guests of the CyWineFest since it was established in 1982.

In the last few years alone, headline acts have included Despina Vandi, Anna Vissi and George Dalaras, and 2017’s headliner, Yiannis Ploutarchos is definitely the same calibre!!

CyWineFest has also given the centre stage for many up and coming talented acts within our local community who have over the years proven themselves as capable singers, songwriters and performers.

With great performances guaranteed, plenty of wine tasting, and the best of Cypriot cuisine on offer, what more could you want?

“Great to have been a part of this great tradition” 

Anastasis Thrasyvoulou

“I love my culture 🙂 one thing you can say about the Greeks is they are very family orientated even with strangers, they make you feel welcome straight away. Love how we come together like a big family”

Chico Wayne Johnson

“Great community event that’s latest over 30 years and still going strong. Well done to Bambos and all people behind the event!” 

Stelion Trteous

Highlights 2017